Liquid Protein Shots: 9 Things You Should Know Before Buying

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Choosing the best form of protein and the best liquid protein shots to support your workouts can be a difficult task. The internet is flooded with products, reviews, and information. Some information may be conflicting and some reviews may be confusing to understand.

What do you have to pay attention to in the sea of all this information? What do you have to be on the lookout for when reading labels, product descriptions, and reviews? What are the best protein liquid shots that can support your workout and performance goals? 

Let us help you create ease out of chaos and lead you to the right liquid protein shot so you can focus on giving it your all during your workout. 

What are liquid protein shots?

When it comes to protein, you’ve got options. There are powders, bars, goo, and pre-made liquid protein. But there are also other things to think about. 

Pre-, during, or post-workout? 

How much protein do you need? 

How do you get the best protein absorption rate?

We’ve got answers. And we’ve got some of the most common comparisons we see athletes making before choosing their protein MVP. But first, we’ll introduce one option you may not have seen around. Liquid collagen protein.

Liquid protein shots are just as they sound - liquid options packaged in convenient, portable, one-use packets to support your workouts. They allow you to get a full serving of protein, any time and anywhere, fitting right into your workout routine. No stirring needed.

Liquid protein vs solid protein

Protein is an essential nutrient that is non-negotiable for your energy, performance, and overall health. It helps build, repair, and replace muscles, bones, and cells. It is essential for workout recovery and injury recovery, but you probably already know all of that.

What you may need help understanding is which form to consume that protein in. 

Wondering why you should go with liquid protein shots over solid protein

Liquid protein options can include both whole foods and supplements, such as: 

  • Dairy items like kefir, milk, and yogurt
  • Protein shakes and/or smoothies
  • Liquid protein shots

While solid protein options are usually whole foods or prepared snacks, such as:

  • Animal proteins like meat and fish
  • Plant proteins like soy, tempeh, and seitan
  • Eggs
  • Legumes and beans
  • Cheese
  • Protein bars, pancakes, and other products made with protein powder

While overall nutrition that includes protein-rich whole foods is essential for your health and performance, shots, gels, shakes, and bars are more convenient and easier to digest than a full protein meal. 

Sure, you can eat a solid protein-rich meal for lunch and dinner. But a liquid protein option is going to sit better before, during, and after a workout. 

Liquid protein supplements, such as shots, shakes, and gels are often lower in calories than protein bars and other solid protein options. Choosing a liquid protein option can cut out the unwanted additives and give you the optimal amount of concentrated protein. 

In fact, Frog Fuel Power is a liquid protein shot specifically designed for absorption and maximum bioavailability at the cellular level.

You can also eliminate the cons of protein powder, like the fact that it needs to be mixed with something and often clumps in the blender or shaker, making it difficult to measure your protein intake accurately. 

Now that you understand the benefits of liquid protein shots vs solid protein, you are ready to find out how to select the best liquid protein shot to support your workouts and performance. 

9 things to consider when choosing liquid protein shots

Use these questions as a cheat sheet on how to select the best liquid protein shot for you.

1. How many grams of protein are in a serving?

You are obviously choosing a liquid protein shot for its protein content. Our pre-workout and endurance liquid protein has 8 grams of enzyme-hydrolyzed collagen protein in each packet.  Many find this to be a great amount for pre-workout nutrition and great support during workouts. 

And the type of protein is just as important as how much of it you’re getting. Collagen protein can support endurance athletes and those practicing resistance or strength training who hope to optimize performance and recovery

After your workout, it may help reduce inflammation, improve joint health, and support bone health. 

2. What’s the protein absorption rate?

It’s not enough to have plenty of protein, it’s also important that your body absorbs it well. Protein absorption rate matters. 

Liquid protein shots are generally easy to digest. However, in addition to understanding your body’s absorption rate, it’s important to know there are differences between different brands. 

Frog Fuel Ultra is made of a hydrolyzed protein that is easy on your body’s digestive system and digests more than 4x faster than whey protein. What is hydrolyzed collagen? It is collagen that has been broken down into tiny, easy-to-digest pieces for better bioavailability. 

Digestibility and fast absorption mean that your body is able to use the protein faster. And it’s also why you may have had a “too much protein stomach ache” after drinking slower-absorbing protein shakes in the past.  

3. How many calories are in a serving?

When it comes to workout supplements and liquid protein shots, you may be concerned about the overall calories. You want nutrient-dense fuel with just enough calories to fuel you - and none of those extra empty calories that will put you at risk of unwanted weight gain.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the packaging. Some of the supplements out there have well over a hundred calories for a small serving. Ooph.

We hear you. That’s why we made a low-calorie, high-protein liquid protein shot. It only has 72 calories in each packet, and these calories are packed with essential workout-supporting nutrients. 

Rather than requiring you to skip your next meal, Frog Fuel helps you power through until that dinner bell rings.

4. Is there more than protein in the package?

Some liquid protein shots on the market only focus on protein. 

Some focus on energy. 

Others include other important sports nutrition to complement your type of workout. And others may have some unhealthy additives and unnatural ingredients. 

To choose the best option, read your labels carefully. 

Besides 8 grams of enzyme-hydrolyzed collagen protein per serving, Frog Fuel Ultra has 10 grams of carbohydrates, 1500 mg citrulline malate, and electrolytes from healthy sources to provide the best fuel. 

We also provide an option with 80 mg of caffeine for an extra rush of energy. 

What we’re saying is, you’ll find high-quality ingredients that have been carefully considered every step of the way. You want to be able to read and understand those labels - it shouldn’t look like a foreign language when you flip over the package and scan the nutrition label. 

5. What’s the serving size?

The serving size of your liquid protein shots not only matters when it comes to the cost per serving but also when it comes to convenience and efficiency. 

Some liquid protein options come in big bottles making it difficult to measure out the right serving size. Others come in smaller packaging, yet they are still too much for one-time use. 

Most athletes, like you, love convenience and want just enough energy to power through their workouts.

Frog Fuel Ultra comes in individual, one-use, portable packets. Each packet contains 36 mL (1.22 oz) of energizing liquid protein shot. It’s the perfect serving size to carry on a run or bike ride, use at the gym, have handy during a race or competition, or have as pre-workout fuel on the go. 

With one purchase, you receive 24 packets in a box, which is ideal for most of our customers. If you work out 6 days a week, a box should last you a month.

6. What is the packaging like?

Some liquid protein shots on the market come in big bottles. Those options may be great when you are working out at home, but they are not convenient when you are out for a training run or working out at the gym. 

As we mentioned above, our Frog Fuel Ultra comes in convenient easy-to-use, portable, ready-to-drink packets that you can take with you for any training exercise. You can keep it in your glove box, gym bag, or pockets to be ready for any unplanned endurance adventure.

7. Can you use your protein during workouts?

As an endurance athlete, you know that nutrition is a sensitive issue. Not everything sits right, especially during workouts or competitions. Aside from your own comfort, some stuff is simply not what you need while exercising. Easy absorption and digestion are just as necessary as good nutrition.

So, if you want to know what to drink during workouts, a hydrolyzed collagen protein shot is the answer. 

Frog Fuel Ultra is pre-digested with a special fruit enzyme to a molecular level of 2000 daltons. This is significantly smaller than most if not all competitor protein molecules - and it’s why Frog Fuel digests 4x faster than whey protein.

You know your body the best. Experiment. Start with a small amount and see if a certain liquid protein shot works for you. Try it during different phases of your workout.

8. Does your protein supplement contain caffeine?

Some liquid protein shots come with added caffeine and some don’t. Just because a brand has a caffeine-free supplement doesn’t mean that all their products are this way. This can even be true within the same store, brand (like Frog Fuel), and product line-up. 

There can be many benefits to taking caffeine and collagen together. Caffeine may increase alertness and energy and improve endurance and performance. That being said, some people experience jitters from too much caffeine, so you should modify your intake as needed.  

9. What’s the quality of your liquid protein shots?

The quality of your liquid protein shot is clearly important. But how do you know that your product is high-quality?

Read the labels, do your research, and buy from trusted brands. The protein in Frog Fuel Ultra is the same medical-grade liquid protein in our ProT Gold products, which is trusted by over 3,000 healthcare professionals in various fields including wound and post-surgical care. 

It’s a great way to promote natural healing because it’s a complete protein that has been fortified and enhanced with all essential and non-essential amino acids.

If you’re ready to fuel your body with high-quality, professional-grade liquid protein shots created with rapidly absorbed protein and designed by Navy SEALs, check out our FrogFuel liquid protein shots

If you’re like our other customers, you will love the results so much that you will never go back to any other protein options - liquid or otherwise.

FAQs about liquid protein shots

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about protein shots:

Are liquid protein shots good for you?

Liquid protein shots can be convenient for quick protein intake, but their overall healthiness depends on the specific product. Some may contain added sugars or artificial ingredients. It's best to choose ones with high-quality protein sources and minimal additives.

What are the best protein shots?

The best protein shots are those with high-quality, easy-to-digest protein sources like hydrolyzed collagen. Look for ones with minimal added sugars and artificial ingredients. It's also important to consider your dietary needs and preferences when choosing a protein shot.

Do protein shots work?

Protein shots can be effective in providing a quick protein boost, especially for those with busy lifestyles or specific dietary needs. However, their effectiveness may vary based on individual factors such as overall diet, exercise routine, and protein requirements.

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