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If you’re using Frog Fuel regularly and want to be part of our team we have some great news! Introducing the Frog Fuel Ambassador Program through Refersion, an exclusive membership for Frog Fuel fanatics. We want to combine forces to spread the word about the power of Frog Fuel, while putting some money back in the pockets of our most loyal customers!

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victor morales jr.

“I’ve been using Frog Fuel for a long time. It’s a regular part of my pre fight training regiment and has always been a huge aid during post fight recovery too. Getting back to being myself after a fight is never easy and the collagen in Frog Fuel helps me heal much faster. Frog Fuel is a staple for me and has no doubt helped me achieve my 19-0-1 professional record.”

$25 for New Customer Orders & $5 for Returning Customer Orders

Includes Recurring Auto-Shipping Subscription Orders

Lifetime Commissions

a superior ambassador program

"Working with the FrogFuel ambassador program has been easy and a lot of fun. Its a simple process which makes it easy to create and promote content. I have worked with multiple ambassador programs that require a lot of from you with little return. The FrogFuel program lets you be you which is a better format for promotion. Definitely a superior program!" -Josh A.


Thanks for taking an interest in becoming one of our trusted ambassadors! Register your application now and you could become a Frog Fuel ambassador earning $25 for every new customer you sign up plus a $5 bonus for each returning customer's order. Other perks include lifetime commissions on all affiliate orders, even subscription based recurring orders! Use the button below to submit your application.
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The lifetime commissions will only apply as long as we are using a referral software that allows us to track that. If we change software in the future and can’t track lifetime commissions, the lifetime commission terms of this program will terminate.

Customers can only be associated with a single affiliate. So if the customer bought through one person’s link in the past and another person’s link in the future, the first affiliate will get all of the lifetime commissions.

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