Frog Fuel Ultra
Box of Frog Fuel Ultra - Nutritional Facts

Frog Fuel Ultra

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  • 1 Box of 24 x 1.2 oz Packets
Frog Fuel Ultra Pre-Workout and Endurance Fuel
  • 8g Nano Hydrolyzed Collagen® protein for rapid absorption

  • 10g Carbohydrates (Simple & Complex Blend)

  • 1500Mg Beta-Alanine for increased power output

  • 1500Mg Citrulline Malate for improve stamina and reduce the pain and inflammation induced by high-intensity training

  • Electrolytes for fluid balance

  • NO Fat, Gluten, or Lactose

  • NO banned substances, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors

  • Full Body Support: Collagen supports Joints, Skin, Bones, Hair, Nails and Connective Tissue

Directions for Use: 

  • Drink from the packet or mix with 8-12oz of water.  Consume 15 minutes before and every 45-90 minutes of activity depending on the level of exertion.

    What is a Nano Hydrolyzed Protein? 

    Frog Fuel is pre-digested with a special fruit enzyme (enzyme hydrolyzed) to a molecular level of 2000 daltons which is significantly smaller than most if not all competitor protein molecules. FrogFuel is designed for absorption and maximum bioavailability at the cellular level.

    What is Beta-Alanine?

    A naturally-occuring amino that increases endurance, delays muscle fatigue, increases muscle mass, strength, and power output. Makes carnosine in the body, which controls the buildup of acid in the muscles during extended or intense exercise.

    What is Citrulline Malate?

    Powers ATP (Cellular energy transfer mechanism) in the body and rids the body of metabolic pollutants like ammonia and lactic acid. Less fatigue and better recovery.