Designed to be

The most
powerful protein
in the world


Michael McCastle

8x Guinness Book of World Records

Claudia McCoy

6x All-American Triathlete

Victor Morales Jr.

Pro Boxer (15-0) and Team USA Gold Medalist

Frog Fuel digests 4X faster than whey protein

Frog Fuel’s nano hydrolyzed collagen® protein digested completely within 15 minutes. The same amount of whey protein from a leading brand took over 60 minutes to digest completely.

Smaller Particles, better Absorption

The body absorbs smaller particle more easily. FrogFuel Breaks Down collagen naturally with fruit enzymes to bring it to less than 1% its size.

Designed to support the rigorous demands of US Navy SEALs

• Near Instant Absorption

• Rapid Recovery

• Faster Healing

• Full body support

• Ready to Drink - No mixing required

• 2+ year shelf life

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$10 Frog Fuel Sample 4-Pack

$10 Frog Fuel Sample 4-Pack

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4 x Packets of Frog Fuel Power. The ONLY Nano-Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein in the world. 
  • No mixing, Ready to Drink
  • NO banned substances, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors
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More Functional

The body absorbs smaller particle more easily. FrogFuel Breaks Down collagen naturally with fruit enzymes to bring it to less than 1% its size. This makes Frogfuel the fastest digesting and absorbing protein, with 100% Digestibility in less than 15 minutes.

More Powerful

Due to its amino acid profile, hydrolyzed collagen protein has been proven to heal wounds rapidly. Fortified collagen protein healed wounds at 2x the rate in patients during an 8 week study. It even heals frostbite and burns.

Clinically Proven

The same nano hydrolyzed collagen® trusted by nearly 4,000 medical facilities for daily nutrition. Long Term Care, Hospitals, Wound Care, Dialysis & Bariatric Clinics. Complete protein that boosts immune system.

Frogfuel Power
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I can't say enough good things about Frog Fuel. I am a triathlete and use all the Frog Fuel products for different stages of my training. I recommend these products to all the athletes I train!

Deborah S.

Hands down the best supplement on the market. Significant increases in strength, fewer injuries, and faster recovery. I have been taking this product for over 3 years and would not think about changing.

Lee A.

I've been working out for over 50-years and during that time I have tested numerous vitamin and protein supplements. I have found that both Frog-fuel and ProT Gold not only taste great, but are also the most effective protein supplements in supporting muscle healing (rebuilding) and fueling energy.

Richard T.

I do long endurance runs and obstacle course races, and have been looking for the perfect protein. This is it! Easy to carry, easy on the stomach, and is a great complement to my carb/electrolyte drink. Worked great for the Chicago marathon and my first trail ultra.

Mary W.
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