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Excellent customer service

Had an issue with delivery (Damaged during transit). Sent an email with a picture, received a response within the hour, and a new box of Frog Fuel within three days. Flavor is good, and product works great.

Great product.

Very excellent product!!

Great Customer Service

Got my last with a few packets broke and everything inside messed up. Called Customer Service and got a replacement sent right away with no argument GREAT FOLKS...

Truly impressive

I absolutely love froggy fuel😀 you can actually feel your body absorbing the protein after a hard workout. I am definitely impressed with the quality and convience of this supplement. Everyone I let try one so far have ordered from you guys or ask for information to order.

Protein gold

Great taste! Shipped in a quick manner, good company to do buisness with. I will continue to buy this product.


Great product

After using your product, an injury that I was having a hard time with healing started to feel much better. I’ll be ordering more in the next coming days. Thank you.

Good Protein Shot

This is my 2nd bottle. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the taste. Luckily I only have to down an ounce. It is great to get the extra protein because I don't get enough on my own. I bought it to aid in healing after surgery. Great product because only need an ounce.

Hands down - absolute best product on the market

I needed to let you know that I think frog fuel is one of the best products on the market. I am 51 years old and started an aggressive weight lifting and cardio plan along with intermittent fasting about 3 months ago. I usually take one pack about 15 mins before a workout and then another about 30-45 mins later (workouts are usually about 45 mins plus 20 mins cardio). I didn’t take any today on purpose to see if there was any difference. I noticed it right away. When taking the supplement, my workouts are insane. I have lots of energy to get through and keep going. This is important as I usually fast about 18-20 hours a day and need to get all my protein in a short window. I’m down 30lbs so far. Thanks for putting out a great product.

You're welcome. Thanks Matt!

Has been a great supplement in helping my husbands recovery!!!

Really works

I can really tell a difference when using Frog Fuel.

Life saver

I recently did Spartan Race Ultra , that 30 + miles and 60 obstacles .
I brought along 8 packs of frog fuel on the course . Around 20 + miles my Muscles need to recover bad and I could feel it . I took a pack of ultra protein and with 8-10 min it had absorbed in my body and my arms felt much better . I highly Recommend

It was great

Kinda thick but it didn’t taste bad at all

Great product

I'm not going to lie it is a bit costly but it works. The taste of the protein is pretty nice actually. It isn't thick like a lot of the other collagen packets. I would love to buy it again I will just have to budget for it.

Hey Bryan. Thanks for the feedback. Also, I'm not sure if you have seen our subscription option. It will save you 12% per order.
Great pick me up & get up-n-go!

Great stuff before my workouts - I’ve already turned 5 friends on to this stuff & they all love it as well!

The best energy protein ever would get more I would recommend this to anyone that’s for sure thank you

Best thing ever

Let’s just say my workout wouldn’t be what it is if I didn’t have these before the gym. After taking, I literally have energy to do my mile jog on the treadmill without any negative side effect from the product. The taste isn’t bad, but It didn’t take me long to get use to.

Perfect for on the Go

Love these! They help me hit my protein Macros. They are easy to keep with me in gym bag, lunch bag and/or diaper bag. Plus they are pretty tasty.

Outstanding product

As a feeding tube patient, it can be challenging to get enough protein. Other sources of supplemental protein require much greater volume of liquids, filling my stomach without providing the calories, fiber, and nutrients I need. Because protein gold is so concentrated with protein in a single ounce, it is wonderfully efficient as a valuable supplement, leaving plenty of room in my stomach for a full dose of my regular formula.



You're the Best Around

Thanks to Frog Fuel, I've had more energy and stamina to start over my workouts since I slacked off after I left the Army.

Quick and easy

Good quick fix between meals. Taste isn’t bad either.

Awesome stuff

I take one pack prior to and one pack after each workout and I love it. I noticed a difference almost immediately and don’t think I will be using anything else’s from now on.

Sample 4 pack

My son loves them and I will be buying more of the non-caffeinated.

Good product. Works fast. Improves longer runs.