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I used this for my Spartan Beast in big bear and let me tell you they where a life saver better then other products I have used. I even shared them with others and they loved it! This is my new fuel for all my OCR.

Awesome product

I use Frog Fuel first thing in the morning when I wake up, for recovery, and sometimes before bed. I enjoy the ease of use, quick absorption, and the fact I am not full or bloated.

What a lift!

At 61, I get to the gym just trying to maintain muscle endurance and strength. Since taking Frog Fuel energy, I get more sets and reps without fatigue and I've been able to do the same muscle group every other day instead of only twice a week. I feel much better after workouts with plenty of energy to do other activities to finish the day. I'm super happy with all of the Frog Fuel products.


Frog Fuel ultra and Frog fuel ultra energized gave me the energy I needed to complete my first full Ironman 140.6 in Santa Rosa 2019 Thank you for creating such a kick ass product! I would like to give an additional shout out to the owners and operators of Frog Fuel for your service to God and Country HOOYAH!

Good stuff

Most people use casein protein at bed time I’ve been using frog fuel protein which is a collagen protein. Gives me a great feeling without the bloating. The small packs are very convenient.


I switched from my preworkout I’ve been using for a few years. This doesn’t get me all jacked up but what is does is get me though my work out and plus I can get to sleep at night much better. I am still new to using this product and still making gains.

This Actually Works!!!

I love Frog Fuel!!! I use it between workouts and after workouts. I'm also recommending it to the swimmers I coach. It's a supplement that aids in quick recovery without ANY illegal or banned ingredients. WAY TO GO, FROG FUEL!!! Thanks for making something that works!!!

Seems like good stuff

It’s handy to carry to work, I haven’t taken enough to see any positive effects but the ingredients appear logical. Semper Fi

Strength juice

Actually it got here a little late. But the product is incredible. Helps stabilize blood sugar and helps build muscle

Great product

I used this to run an ocr ,daily training, and before bed. So I weak up feeling good and I have been making it through my workouts.

Frog fuel worked very well. Can't buy anymore now because I'm on a limited income

Awesome Workout Shirts

I loved the first shirt I got in Red so much, I ordered the black one too. Great fit, comfortable, and soft right from the get go like a well worn shirt! Would buy more if they were offered in other colors. Any chance OP2?

Hey Mark. Yes, we will offer up new colors soon! Thanks for the feedback! Any suggestions on colors you would like to see! No promises but we will try!

I usually buy the other energized and decided to try this one this time just to see what the differences in distribution really would feel like-whoa! I was instantly like zooming and it continues for quite some time. The other is an all day slow. I love this and it has definitely increased my activity and thinking as well. My surgeon asks that I drink it twice a day so I may have to start drinking the second earlier in the afternoon. And I have found no coffee needed.


I’ve been take this product for awhile and absolutely love it


I have been using various FrogFuel products since they debuted. I continue use monthly (the energized with carbs and without). I love FrogFuel!

Frog Fuel

As a former Team Guy it’s great to see other Team guys strive to produce quality products such as Frog Fuel to help aid in our fitness training and recovery time. I’ve had the pleasure of trying hundreds of products in the past.

Many products will leave your body aching due to the chemicals added and the bodies inability to digest with ease. Frog Fuel is very clean and easy on the body.

Former U.S. Navy SEAL

Thanks brother!
Gotta have it

Gotta have it in my suit pockets during my Executive Protection gigs, it keeps me fueled. Also, one before my workout, one 20 minutes later & one right after.
Can't beat it!!

Old waterman says YES.

Benn using FF for ten days, impressed by the energy time span. I’m sticking with it, I surf in texas and that calls for lots of paddling. FF is superior to the results of whey protein alone I have been using,(though I’m still using the whey protein shake so it’s an excellent combo for me). At 66 yrs of age, I’m endorsing Frog Fuel.

Best stuff! Great company!

My husband loves the frog fuel and will continue to purchase. He drinks the power protein and the energized everyday for going on his 4th month and says it makes a big difference in his energy during the day and work out ! Highly recommend. Costomer service is unbeatable!

Ready to work it.

Love this product. The extra energy is just what you need to go that extra mile. No jitters, no after, taste no picky feeling and no hit the bottom feeling afterwards..
It was truly worth trying.. As usual I have passed it on to many others.
It's a great product.
Thank You.
Charlotte Moore

Awesome. Love this supplement. It is the only one I can digest while running. Shipped fast also.

Love rhis stuff!

My husband loves the power protein and the ultra energy. He is on his 3rd month taking them and it makes him feel great !!

Frog fuels recuperation

This was recommended by a lifelong friend to aid in my recent ankle reconstruction. I struggled for weeks following my surgery and I can feel a definitive positive difference after using this product. I say "Well Done".

Frog fuel

This stuff rocks! Fast shipping