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My Morning Coffee

I take every morning 5 days a week before my cardio and than my workout. I am 66 years old and love the energy it gives me .It's my morning Joe. Thanks

Frog Fuel awesome

excellent . feeling so much better with recovery.

Great product!

Love the portability and the shots really help my training.


Frog fuel was a game changer for me after a good hike or when I just need a quick snack to get me through until the next meal. After my first order I had to set up a subscription.

Awesome for recovery

I’ve been using these and the bottle (I weigh my food) for recovery after long runs. Most collagen on the market tastes so bad but this berry flavor is tangy and decent.

Great product, packaging needs improvement

The wonderful protein liquid tastes good and is a great, easy way to get much needed nutrition. I wish the bottle wasn't plastic, and also every time I shake it, the lid drips some that needs to be wiped off or it turns to goo on the outside.

Great Products

Love this stuff. Quick and easy getting essentials. Packs great for work

great aid for recovery

I'm glad I found this product as I am about to turn 49 and am trying to get back into shape training my teenage football player sons. Need to drop 100 lbs and am on my way.

Saves my life

I am not a coffee or pop drinker so this is exactly what I need for a boost before gym or at work

Great product

This was the first time I used Frog Fuel. It was on a 12 mile movement with some weight on my back and 3000 feet of elevation gain. I used it as a reward every 4 miles and it kept me feeling solid throughout. I felt better the next day as well when compared to similar training. This is going in my ruck from now on. Great Veteran owned product! Wish I had found this years ago.

Best Product - Hands Down!

This is my “go to” for recovery after a tough workout. I use other Protein products with my daily diet routine , but nothing beats Frog Fuel for recovery. Nothing. Period!

Power in 1oz.

I started taking this to help get my left shoulder back to 100%, Have a form of Tendonitis in my left shoulder. I started Physical Therapy first week in Jan. I had to put off the PT due to me catching COVID first week in Dec, so my shoulder was really stiff from non-movement, talk about pain when the PT went to stretch me out. All in all I feel ProT Gold has helped me along with Turmeric , i have not taken any NSAIDS , or pain pills, trying not to. Pain has dramatically subsided except when the PT has to stretch me out further then before. I enjoy playing Golf and want to get back to normal. I also think it has help my GI track get back to normal as COVID messed with that some, but I can't see inside my body to confirm :).


Frog Fuel gives you the extra leap to get to the next level!

Frog fuel repair

I'm leaving this short because it's all that needs to be said top notch high quality product highly recommend I'll definitely keep buying this product

Greeat Source

frog fuel is an excellent source of protein I just don't like the packets rather a bottle and more of it

So far, it working great

Great Product

Love this product, this company and the service. Speaking of service, thank you for serving our Country and God Bless America

Not much too report at this time, maybe later,

?.? At this time.


I use this for weight training , cycling and Jiu Jitsu !! Best stuff on the market! I got off pre workout and energy drinks after trying this and never looked back! You feel amazing with no jitters or crash. This will always be stocked in my house!!

Best of the best!!

If you know what your looking for...then your already buying the best.

I wanted with caffeine

Hands down the best!

This supplement is protein based not carb based. It is absorbed by the body so quickly. I have not found anything that comes close to this.

Workout Staple...

Frog Fuel products are great. I’ve never been disappointed. Just enough caffeine to make me alert but not jittery. Definitely recommend...

Runners Frog Fuel

This is a great product that I highly recommend. Great energy boost. Increases workout intensity and recovery.

Outstanding Energy

I feel so energized and on my runs I don’t want to stop after I reached my mileage. I am a believer in this product and will be a lifelong customer.