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Thank you for creating this American made product and for your service.

As a bariatric patient, it isn’t always easy to fine quality proteins with little to no sugar/carbohydrates that do not make me nauseous and help me reach my daily protein goal. I did share about your ProT Gold with my online support group (33K members worldwide). I first encountered your product while watching Fox and friends one morning. I liked the idea this company was founded by veterans and the products had collagen in it. I thought after surgery this would be helpful for the healing process. I have found I continue to use this product months after surgery as no sugar is in the product. I purchased the berry flavor and I’m excited to try the tropical fruit flavor with fiber. I just have to check the ingredients to make sure no bananas in the tropical as I have a banana allergy. In a perfect world, it would be awesome if the 17.5g protein also had the additional 6g fiber (carb free fiber is helpful for bariatric patients). Keep up the great work and please keep this American made.

ProT has been extremely helpful in my recovery. Its helped my incisions heal beautifully. Incisions are still there but it’s not as dramatic when they where fresh. It also helped internal incision when my stomach was cut and made smaller. When you first have surgery you can only have 1 ounce at a time. So the serving size was beneficial because I could get the protein I needed to survive and heal and not stretch my new stomach at the time. After I came out of anesthesia my taste buds severely changed. I had to slowly sip on the frog fuel and it was painfully tart. I am now able to do a shot glass full of frog fuel; just like I’m back in college. wink. Too bad the cap couldn’t be made deeper so you could actually measure your one ounce serving directly and not dirty a measuring cup.
I believe I need to increase my protein and collagen intake again because my hair is falling out. Bariatric patients suffer from hair loss as their bodies produce less B vitamins.

Quick response

Ordered a 24 pack and when it arrived the box was squished and had some leaking in it. Emailed the guys and they rushed out a brand new box! Couldn’t be happier with the overall service and the product. Helped me finish my second Spartan Ultra!! Aroo!!

49 and healing like I was 18 again

At 49 being a Judo player, I just don't heal like I used to. At the recommendation of Dr. Elizabeth (godan & purple belt in BJJ) I used ProT gold after oral surgery. I went in 3 weeks after the procedure and all the Dr. said was "WOW". I was 2-3 weeks ahead in healing time. Now my bone graft will be done that much sooner and I'm still on track for the next major tournament. I can't give Kudo's high enough. HooYah !

Great product, my boys who play collegiate sports also use it after each workout and love it

"Good ta Go" boost to kick start your day!

I've been a customer since 2012 and Frog Fuel hasn't let this 54 yr old former "grunt" down yet. My current occupation still requires me to "run and gun" twice a year, and it ain't getting any easier, especially when you go up against the "new guys", who are in their young 20's. The times and score requirements stay the same, no matter how old you get. Not sure if I would still be able to hang, if it wasn't for Alex and Jeff, along with the rest of the team at Frog Performance.

life saver

pulled me out of deep depression and let me return to the world. Before taking it I was just waiting to die. Can't be more grateful. I am energized and again loving life.

My go-to supplements.

Have used multiple products for weight training and marathon training and have been extremely pleased with each. Great tasten and a great pick-me-up after a gym session or run. Have been using this as a substitute while waiting for FrogFuel to restock and I’d recommend it as much as I have the other products.

Great Product

Fast delivery, definitely a great product. Highly recommend

Awesome product!

Thank you for a wonderful product that we needed btw surgeries. God bless you all.

Absolutely exactly what I expected. Every time I order I receive 2-3 days later no matter what. Great product and even better service.

Outstanding product

I have been using several different Frog Fuel products over the last few months, and I truly feel that it is a superior protein to the typical shakes and other common supplements. I have seen a noticeable change in my recovery time and lean mass.

Amazing products

Frog fuel is beyond amazing glad I made the switch. My workouts have never been better.

Quick Pick Me Up

Excellent when you need a quick fix, Pre-workout, long runs, hikes, etc.

last box of Frog Fuel had a berry flavor? This box more citrus . What is the difference?

Quick acting fuel!

Filling, quick acting, perfectly energizing! Easy to use on the go

Great Protein!

Love this stuff! Easy to carry around in bag, pocket whatever! Taste great as well!! I will be back!!


Great product again. Another 25 out of 5 stars!

Awesome product

I have used this product for years when training for IronMan and other races. Doesn’t make your stomach upset and gives you a boost. A must have for me and on race day.

Great Protein

Great product, I've used it in the past and just ordered 3 more.

Customer for life!

I love these products! Fast acting and very convenient. I definitely notice a difference in the quality of my workouts when I use frogfuel. I won't buy any other protein!

Power pack of energy and protein.

Keeps me energized during and after workouts and helps in the amount of protein I. Need during the day.


Your service was very excellent. Thank you

It does what it says it does ,gives u the extra kick when u need it(strong),probably the only fuel you’ll need except water!*****

Great service great product

Love Frog products

Love all the Frog products. Very easy to take at home or while traveling. Can feel the energy and recovery time is reduced. Products also taste good.