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Awesome product!

I purchased it for our high school football team and it helped our team stay hydrated and healthy.

Great Product!

Love this liquid protein...its perfect for my husbands peg tube...not too thick....I just add a little water to 1 oz of protein & goes right down, no problem!...

Frog Fuel for Retired Navy EOD

Outstanding product! "Just what the doctor ordered" to keep me in the game for energy and nutrition. Thanks for keeping me in a workout routine and staving off the aging process. Hoo-Yah!

Life Saver

This stuff is quite literally saving my life daily. Just wish it came in more/better tasting flavors.

Great on my 70.3

I used the Endurance gels on my 70.3 in Waco and they helped on the bike... I've noticed on my hour to two hour runs these really do help give you the energy and fuel to keep a strong pace. No upset stomach or any taste issues. Highly recommend these to any endurance athletes or runners of all distance.

1 box down and feeling alright

47... been kinda rowdy, body broken in several places, what ain't broke has been well used as a lifetime of construction will do you in. Knees are feeling a bit less irritating, hitting the Proform HIIT and feeling old and determined so... I'll check back in.

Frog Fuel sample pack.

Fast shipping, taste is okay. Seemed to help me get through 12-14 hour work days.

FrogFuel Liquid Protein Order

Prompt delivery and quality product. A great supplement to my diet and I am already seeing results.

I use Frogfuel after my workout it dose help with the soarness. Great prduct.

Great stuff

Frog Fuel Ultra Energized

100% OUTSTANDING !!! Great product , great customer service and product arrives fast .

Great product-Great service!

Once shipped, product arrived very timely and in perfect condition. Great taste and easy to use.

Too thick

I LOVE the other gels and have recommended them to every one I know. I just crushed all my prs in a current ultra using the frog fuel gels. However, these are too thick for me to get down and make it hard for me to even use them.

My #1 go to all around supplement!

FrogFuel has been my supplement of choice for many years and for many reasons. 1-is top notch medical grade ingredients, 2-convenient carry packages for on the job working out in the field railroading. 3- is the great support I’ve received from the FrogFuel Team! It has everything I need and minus the junk I don’t. Bottom line is it works in the gym and for hard work in the field also. The ProT Gold is great for my joints as well. Keep up the good work and as always have a good one ✅

Frog Fuel Sample Pack

Excellent customer service , excellent product and super fast shipping .A++++++


A++++ Product !!!!

T-shirt/ Frog Fuel

The Frog Fuel T is excellent quality and the graphics are awesome. The 3XL is more like a 2XL but still a 5 star product.

Great Energy shot

Ordered a case and came really quick in time for a race and a ruck.
I’ve used NUUN, GU, B12, Gatorade chews, etc but the FrogFuel provides a better balance with the protein. I’m not saying the other products do t serve a purpose but rather the Frog Fuel is my first go-to now for that quick burst that lasts when I’m feeling drained in a distance obstacle course race.

Part of my post-workout recovery routine.

I’ve tried other collagen products; but no more. I’m sticking with ProT and FrogFuel as my mid and post-workout and run supplement. Better tasting, easier on my system, and have me feeling great.

The bottles


Oh yeah, this is the stuff

I have been using this stuff for a while. It works for me. I am 64 and and I have trouble with keeping weight on and this helps me maintain my weight while keeping my workout routines on schedule. Oh, and I like the taste.

Protein with a punch

A reasonable tasting straight protein supplement to punch up the workout

Great products

I really like it, very convenient when I travel every 3 month.

Good for you

Everything about the Frog Products are good for you. I don’t use anything else for training and races!

This is an amazing product the only down side is it's easy to run out. I will always purchase FrogFuel and ALWAYS keep some on me and in all of my bags. Guaranteed if you buy this product you will NEVER regret it. Awesome work fellas.

Frog Fuel

I take this protein three times a day as a way to get the protein I need to heal after having a total knee replacement and cervical spine surgery. Nutrition is important to control my weight while I have activity restrictions. This protein is easy to consume and I prefer a 1 oz shot vs. a 20 oz. shake.