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Awesome product!!

I've been using Frog Fuel Ultra for about 6 months now and it has taken my workouts to a whole new level. I have more energy and strength during my workouts and my recovery time is minimized. Don't get me wrong, I'm still sore on certain days after working out, but no where near what I would be without it. This product is great! Thanks OP2 for a fantastically performing product!

Best stuff out there

Great stuff

Currently I use Frog Fuel when its hotter than lava outside and I'm working long days, it helps keep me going and gives my body a nice little "pick me up" to keep working.


Love the frog fuel will keep on ordering

Great stuff. Easy to take with you for a shot of protein. No shaker needed. I love it.

Best ever

I love Frog fuel..Simply the best fuel out there. It packs a huge punch in a little pouch. I use this before and after Jiu jitsu and for long work outs when im not near home.

Cutting Edge Product

The Frog Fuel has exceeded my expectations. I have been able to workout longer and not feel fatigued... The product's absortion is exemplary.. Additionally, the Team of product sellers and customer service guys are second to none. The product is American made and its intergrity is bar- none..

Keeps me rolling

Well I keep buying it

Wonderful combination

Great combination for my needs after bariatric surgery. Assists in getting enough protein daily. However the taste is a bitter sweet swallow.

Great stuff. Really feel the boost when you take it.

Love this stuff

I love the ultra and the caffeine version. I use it for my pre-workout and during my longer runs. I can feel the energy after about 20 minutes and it doesn’t make my stomach feel full
Thanks !!

This has to be the best training supplement I have ever used, got me thru the hardest part of water con...... gonna use it on my next cycling road course race

Good Stuff

Came fast, tastes good and helps take the edge off my hunger!

Product review 5 stars

Very premium products

Quick Delivery

Quick delivery, great product. Father uses to maintain his weight!

Great product

This stuff would have been great years ago, but at 50 I have more energy and keeping the muscle on.

Best Ever!

Feel it right away! I’ve tried a few before but this one has the best taste!

Great Product

My high school age son, neighbor, neighbor's father-in-law, and myself have used PROT and the regular frog fuel with great success. Everything from post workout, post game, and weight gaining/management. When taken after strenuous activities it keeps you from getting sore. neighbors father-in-law was fighting cancer and it was also the only thing he was able to take that helped him gain weight through the treatments.


Really love them! Great taste and super easy to use.

Great comfortable T-shirt that people ask about. Love the fit and the product.

Superior Service and a Superior Product

My order was filled and shipped promptly. Ordering was very simple. Frog Fuel Ultra Energized tastes great and works as advertised!

Still evaluating results, good so far

Fantastic product this gives me this extra boost like no other product I have ever tried ( Great right before and during half marathons ) going to try frog fuel this fall when I try my first full marathon

using for wound care