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Badass shirt

Love the Red frog fuel shirt . Great fit an soft .

Simply the best

ProT Gold is just the best protein product period. Cuts heal almost instantly, I feel like I have stopped aging completely. I'm in better shape in my 40s than I was in my 20s. Thank you Op2.

Clean Fuel

Hands down best protein and love the taste .

Serious stuff

Tried the Power Protein Energized during an 8 mile training run that started out slow and sucky. Took the Frog Fuel at about 4 miles in and had a steady increase in speed for the rest of the run. 7th mile ended up being faster than any of them! Bought a whole case for the next run!

Feed vack

I got what I ordered good friendly service

Great post workout product to start recovery

Great product I use it 2x a day for arduous activities

Great as a supplement for that added “over the hump push”.

muscle going away

I am 62 years old and have been working out for 40 years I have always enjoyed the pump feeling along with the way my body looked . Time unfortunately catches up to every one and one day you see the change happening . I felt my muscle tone was going away ,the pump and muscle mass was going away. I was not happy so I started looking for help in all place available . I had remembered as a young body builder I use to use a predigested protein for muscle growth . I found FROG FUEL to be the closest thing low in calories ,easily taken . I have been seeing very positive result I would recommend this product .

Nice shirt, good design

Good quality, timely shipment

Great stuff

Easy to carry and gives boost when needed

Good Stuff

Have not been using it long enough to verify any long term positive results, but like the way it tastes, and it keeps my going longer on my low/no carb regimen.

Pure Awesomeness

I bought this hat and about 4 days later was at the airport when someone drove by and tipped his hat at me and threw me a thumbs up. I quickly realized he had the same hat. The hat is awesome. Great quality and looks great! It has become my daily staple!


High Quality, Great Fit and Look. Get one, or 5.


My wife,sons and daughter in law and myself love Pro T Gold and the frog fuel line. Great for muscle repair and helps reduce joint pain. The staff is the best. Thanks

Energy product

Excellent product it keeps my cells full of energy and it also gives me the pep I need in the morning for a busy day.

Ultra has the best flavor, but....

Ultra has the best flavor but I like the Power Protein for the protein punch. Can definitely taste the bite of caffeine in the Energized versions but nothing unexpected. Would buy again, that’s the question that should be mandatory for all reviews of anything!

Thanks Jeff for the review! You are correct on the energized. We use non-carcinogenic green coffee beans as our source of caffeine and the flavor of the caffeine can vary slightly from batch to batch! This only applies to the energized products.
Frog Fuel Works

I am 64 and Frog Fuel gives me the energy and endurance to workout 4-5 days a week for 1-2 hours per session.

Great Product!

I take it at night so my body has the aminos to repair itself while I sleep. Great for skin, hair, nails and and general health. I notice that cuts heal much faster since I've been taking the product.


Love this product great to have and very convenient

Very convenient

Great product great taste


Frog fuel protein is just a part of my life now. It has been for awhile now. Out among all the different supplements ... this one is my choice. Part of my lifestyle staying on track.

Just what I was looking for!

I do long endurance runs and obstacle course races, and have been looking for the perfect protein. This is it! Easy to carry, easy on the stomach, and is a great complement to my carb/electrolyte drink. Worked great for the Chicago marathon and my first trail ultra.