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Works great!

45 minutes in to my work outs I take one and in a few minutes I'm energized and powering thru!


The Frog Fuel is great but I was sent a substitute for some reason which was not exactly the same as what I ordered. I would have rather waited on the product I ordered than be sent something of lesser quality.

Great Product!

Must Have

This is a 100% must have for everyone. This is not just for gym rats. This is pure food, pure nutrition. This will help heal your body and help it recover. I have one when I first wake up. It keeps me from reaching for a cola. I feel so much better.

Little mistake

I never received this one I received 2 boxes of the ultra and 2 boxes of the POT but I’m making work for the month will order again these things happen

Great product

Great product!

New cap

I like the new cap. I'm faithfully using FF after my workouts... Feeling better and stronger


its power in a pouch, i use it in my mountain bike races and its easy on the stomach and just the right amount of caffeine for that added boost . Go getya sum!

Instant protein

Great protein pack that gives you a good amount of energy after you get done working out! Great tasting and perfect size to just throw in your travel bag!

Wonderful supplement

I give this to my husband daily to help him recover from a serious accident. This has surely help in his recovery

Great product. Great service.


This is a fantastic product, readily available, on the go, convenient way to kick back 17.5 grams of bio-available protein! Thanks!!!

Great product with grate customer service 5out of 5

Excellent product. Worth the price.

Maybe ?

Just got this 14 days ago so not really able to tell any difference yet, as I bought it for help with weight loss. I'm on a low carb. high protein diet and was already losing weight, just thought this could help lose more & still losing but no difference in the way I feel ..Maybe will have more once I use a little longer?? One thing I can say that all the others was right about the ..Didn't buy it for the taste so will deal with it.

Great Company

Protein is excellent...Service is first class...the people will do anything to help meet your needs.

I am pleased with your products and do feel that they energize me for my brisk walking and visits to the YMCA. So g;ad I saw the originators on Fox and Friends a few years ago. God Bless AMerica.

Frog Fuel Power
Great Product

Only product(s) I use at this point. Definitely recommend any of their products.

Ftog fuel

So far so good, really like the aminos


I do like the product, it is just getting costly. I wait for their 20% deals, but even then if you try and use it daily.......


The product is great, use for a child whom has several auto-immune diseases to maintain protein when not able to eat properly. The only disappointment was 4 packs were punctured and leaked coating the rest of the packs. However quick delivery.

Seemed to work, but the cost....

I bought the four sample pack for the purpose of testing the effects. It seemed to be effective; however, I was only able to use it twice for pre-workout purposes. I really need ed a little more to get more accurate results. I really do not need the recovery. I would have preferred 4 pre-workout samples. I have used other similar products. I would rate it as good as anything I have used. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the cost just makes it difficult to justify over other similar products.

Taste is horrible

I am not sure if this product works as I was unable to choke down the packet - it tasted horrible.

Great product!