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Gettin Ripped & Yoked

Love, love, love this! Perfect for pre and post workout!


As a older (60+) OCR athlete, I was already familiar with the quality and effectiveness of FrogFuel products. I bought the sample packs to expose my team to the products. All thumbs up on the effectiveness and convenience with one dissenting vote on the taste (no accounting for tastes =)

Will continue to purchase and recommend to others!

Helps a old guy .

I'm 59 years old .Taste great and helps with recovery.

Good product.

So far so good, we have used other products from Frog Fuel and they have been great!

Good stuff

Like the simplicity and efficiency of getting protein and aminos. Taste is good too.

Night shift

I work 12 hour nights and this gives me just enough of boost to get over that 3am hump and make it to quitting time without any jitters or crashing.

The right stuff!!

This is one of the best products that I have ever tried and love the effects of the ability to recover muscle stress and maintain muscle strength in between workouts! Hands-down this product is the right stuff.

Pro T Gold is the ultimate liquid protein you can take before and during a work out!!!!

Awesome liquid proteins hat enters the body and within 15 minutes. It is already entering my cells and organs! Keeps you focused and more than ready for the next set!!!! I threw all my other supplements away! Nothing else is needed but my Frog Fuel!!!!!


Just like anything new to the pallet it takes time to get used to. As far as results after 14 days there isn't hardly any difference. I'll give it another 14 and go from there.

Gold as always

Great taste and convenient

Amazing Stuff

This is now my go to. I reccomend this product to everyone. No jitters or crash.

quick easy protein

Love this stuff! My wife, son and I take it on the go every day- fast way to get a protein kick. Straight from the packet, no mixing, energized and on our way!

Frog Fuel

Extremely sweet.
Not sure itโ€™s any more
Effective for my purposes than liquid protein. It is very convenient to carry in a gym bag.

Awesome product

Great product

I get the protein I need for the day

It's great!!! The taste is bitter but you'll get use to it. The results are already amazing!! Helps me recover fast!!! Going to continue to buy!!!

I thought the taste was a plus. Unfortunately I didn't use it enough to give it a real test.
i will be trying this shortly after a surgery to give it a real test.


Its fast, easy and tastes good. I throw a couple in my lunch for work for in between breaks to keep me going. I do the same for the gym easy to put in pocket for when your energy starts to run out.ill be getting more.

Great product

I got the caffeine free one for my son who wrestles. He really likes it!

Cosmic power, itty bitty living space

Power though my runs much better now. My husband tried it and asked me to buy him a box.
We are hooked.

Nothing better

For connective tissue, absorption or recovery. Best in class by far

Have not recieved package yet

Best post-workout period!

It is a must-have for sore muscles after an intense workout!

Pro T Gold

Used daily. I will adding this to my daily routine. Great product. Would recommend.