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FrogFuel for Martial Arts and wound recovery

I placed my first order a few weeks ago. Got the starter test pack 1 of each type then got my full order of FroFuel Protein and Ultra Energizer. I noticed improvement in my MCL after my fourth fuel shot! This product is no joke!
The ultra energizer gives you plenty of boost to get the job done! No jitters funny feelings either!
I do a protein and an energizer shot right before I hit the gym or before Jiu Jitsu training!

Don’t talk about it Be about it!!

My Favorite Shirt

I originally bought one of these, but after wearing it, I bought the other. These have become my favorite shirts. I live in California and the summer heat can be brutal. These shirts are light and airy, making them perfect for hot weather. During colder periods, they are nice and comfortable. The fit and cut are slightly athletic. They wash and dry with no visible shrinkage. They just wear and fit how you would want your favorite shirt to fit. Highly recommend them.

The Perfect Supplement

I started with the sample pack to see which I prefer. This product is ideal for right before a workout. I run Spartan Races and this gives me the energy boost I need during the race. It is small and compact, easily carried with minimal trash on the course. The shot of protein really helps cut down on post race soreness. This allows me to get back to training quickly. I highly recommend this product to anyone doing or getting ready for a OCR race.

Frog fuel for marathons

I use frog fuel training for the Shamrock marathon, it is awesome. When I ran the Shamrock marathon in Virginia Beach, I was strong and energetic all through the marathon. Highly recommended.

A great product, never disappointed, fast delivery. It speaks for itself.

This stuff really works great!!! I'll be purchasing more soon...

Great for Post Surgical Rehab

My 22 year old son has been taking 4 - 1oz shots of ProT Gold daily since his knee surgery to repair his ACL, cartilage and meniscus. This is his second ACL surgery (first one was 7 years ago) and I think he is recuperating faster. At his 6 week checkup, the nurse thought he was 3 months post-op.


Tastes good. Very concentrated. I don’t like to eat before bedtime, but I must to take meds. I used this instead. Will buy again.

Great product will order again

Best buy ever

I have ordered 6 boxes of your frog fuel since I Have tried your sample pack and passed packs around in the hopes that they would buy your product .. thank you very much for this product . No jitters no picky feeling just the burn... Fantastic.
I'm ordering two more for a friend...

Charlotte Moore

Great product

I love this product! I’m going to be buying some more with the caffeine in it, some for endurance and some for an after workout recovery.

Construction worker

Great product

Great Product Overall!

Love the taste, and the energy it provides with out getting that full feeling like bigger bulker bars. 100% would recommend

My experience

The taste was lil wierd at first but this product actually boost energy and awareness.

Good stuff

Love the non caffeinated packs. Good energy and awesome for a preworkout. Didnt like the caffeinated ones. Gave me the jitters. I'm probably to sensitive to the caffeine

Necessary - ½ the healing time

I'm a masters amateur strongman competitor. Being old and crazy, my muscles need done extra help from the damage I give them. Frog fuel is a necessity. I get muscle repair in a fraction of the time. Amazing stuff! I'm so grateful! This stuff keeps me training instead of sitting out with injury.


pretty good stuff

Great Sampler kit

The product was great tasting and did the job I wanted to do. I used it at me OCR Spartan Winter Sprint this past weekend and it was amazing gave me the energy and the recovery I needed..

Lyme weight loss

I'm balancing out no more loss , thank God.
Good product.

Not bad. Taste is a little different. Worked well for my PT Test.

Awsome so far!!!

Great product

I am fighting cancer and I have felt better since using this product. My husband said he has not felt a big difference as of yet. Wish price was not as high as it is.

Great Energizer

Great as a quick protein

Great Stuff

Immediately shuts down hunger. Very useful for dieting. Great pre-workout.

Not Bad

Pretty good product,tastes good although gels a little weird to drink and I like to use the energy infused intra workout for a little extra pep