ProT Gold Liquid Protein - 30oz Bottle
ProT Gold Liquid Protein - 30oz Bottle

ProT Gold Liquid Protein - 30oz Bottle

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Innovation in Advanced Medical Nutrition

30 ounce bottle with 30 x 1-oz servings

  • 17.5 grams total protein per 1 ounce serving, including 3 grams of Arginine.
  • 3 grams of Arginine per serving for accelerated wound healing.
  • Complete protein; fortified with Arginine, Taurine, Tryptophan, Histidine, Methionine, Glutamine, & Cysteine.
  • NO Sugar, fats, carbs, gluten, GMOs, lactose or soy.
Safe for diabetics, dialysis patients and persons with allergies.*

Customer Reviews

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Incredible Product!!

My husband and I both have suffered from severe lower back pain for years. Bulging disc, sciatic nerve problems, and disc desinegration. My husbands is worse than mine as his job requires constant bending over in tight quarters. We've been taking PoT Gold now for at least 2 months, and WOW!!! Is all I can. Back pain is gone and lower back mobility has increased immensely. After insurance has denied MRIs and any type of solution outside of physical therapy to help, so happy to have found this product!! No pain meds or "big pharma" for us. Will definitely be using ProT indefinitely.

Love the product

Shipped very quickly, only issue was one of the packets had a small tear and the whole box was sticky. But it was easy enough to wash off. Love the convenience of the packets.

Separate But Equal

I’m a monthly FrogFuel Power purchaser for multiple years. Last month they had to Replace my normal order with ProT gold. Impressed with the added Protein but, the Twag in the Taste was merely unfortunate. Overall surely ProT gold is Equal in Quality. As for Outstanding; The Service & Concern by the Organization is No Less than OUTSTANDING. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL OVER IN THE OPERATION COMMAND & SUPPORT FUNCTION.


Easily digested, great for on the go.

Just what I ordered

The ProT liquid protein was just what I expected and fulfilled my purpose nicely.

Excellent Wound Healing Product

A friend recommended this product for wound healing. I was recently released from the hospital after a surgery. The doctors told me I would not be able to undertake anything physical for at least 4-6 months. After taking the product for just a few weeks I could feel and see a big improvement. The swelling was considerably reduced and the tissue was noticeably healthier looking. After 4 weeks I had my first check-up. The Doctor appeared somewhat confused and asked what prescriptions I was taking. I showed him a packet of Prot Gold I had in my pocket and explained to him I did not take anything the hospital prescribed to me. He appeared very surprised at how quickly I was healing and told me that it was not normal for someone my age to heal so fast. He was also very surprised to hear that I was already running and working out at the gym. On leaving the hospital the Doctor asked me If he could take a picture of the packet so he can share it with others. At 6 weeks, I was running and working out with no limitations. Prot gold is an amazing product and it lives us to its reputation for healing wounds.


I initially purchased from information received on Fox News; I had been informed I would need breast surgery and I started using your product and after my mastectomy through 2-reorders. I now receive automatic reorders for Protgold as I found after a month of not daily taking ProtGold I did not have the energy and stamina I had during the recuperation after my mastectomy. My visiting nurse at that time in questioning my nutrition informed me your product is used at some of their rehab facilities and knew your product. My doctor was amazed of my "bounce back," from very low blood count (7.8) after my extensive surgery and I attribute it to your product. I will continue to use your product as I am a believer in the results.

I like it and seems to stop sugar craving

I like it and seems to stop sugar craving. Wish it was in packets for travel. Just about to finish my 2 nd bottle.

The taste is OK. Sort of a notch up ...

The taste is OK. Sort of a notch up from cough syrup. I discovered it was more tolerable if I took it along with food, for example a ham sandwich, instead of drinking it alone. I chased it with iced tea.

Recommended by a friend

Recommended by a friend. Halfway through my first bottle, i ordered a second one! After years of working out and trying many different proteins, i finally found the one I'm going to stick with!