Frog Fuel Power Energized - Liquid Protein Shots
Frog Fuel Power Energized - Liquid Protein Shots

Frog Fuel Power Energized - Liquid Protein Shots

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1 box with 24 x 1-oz servings - 
  • FrogFuel Protein is qualified as a medical food by the FDA and provides 15 grams of rapidly absorbed medical-grade liquid collagen protein.
  • Contains BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids).
  • 'Pre-digested' for nearly 100% protein bioavailability
  • Fortified w/Glutamine, Cysteine, Histidine, Methionine, Threonine, & Tryptophan
  • Enhanced with taurine
  • 80mg of caffeine for energy and increased metabolism
  • Delicious berry flavor
  • No mixing, just drink
  • 60 calories (All protein); sugar, fat, gluten and lactose-free
  • NO banned substances*, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors

*NCAA prohibits caffeine >15micrograms/ML. Although your physiology may vary, this is equivalent to approximately 6 servings of energized FrogFuel.

*The caffeine contained in FrogFuel comes from green coffee beans and does NOT contain the carcinogens typically found in roasted coffee beans.

What makes the protein Medical Grade?

FrogFuel protein is qualified as a medical food by the FDA. It is used extensively in the healthcare industry for wound care, bariatric surgery, pressure ulcers, dialysis patients, and patients suffering from malnutrition.


Why 15 grams? Other protein products offer more.

It's all about quality, not quantity. Our 15 grams is absorbed almost instantly. The protein that your body uptakes and doesn't use is converted into glucose and then fat. It also releases ammonia into your body and taxes your kidneys. The key to protein supplementation is taking only what you need and your body can use.


Why does this one have caffeine?

Caffeine in moderation has shown benefits in many sports including distance running, cycling, weightlifting, and soccer among others. Because our protein is rapidly absorbed, FrogFuel Ultra is especially effective before and during exercise. FrogFuel Ultra is designed to be functional and efficient; not make you completely unhinged. 


Customer Reviews

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Clean Fuel

Hands down best protein and love the taste .

muscle going away

I am 62 years old and have been working out for 40 years I have always enjoyed the pump feeling along with the way my body looked . Time unfortunately catches up to every one and one day you see the change happening . I felt my muscle tone was going away ,the pump and muscle mass was going away. I was not happy so I started looking for help in all place available . I had remembered as a young body builder I use to use a predigested protein for muscle growth . I found FROG FUEL to be the closest thing low in calories ,easily taken . I have been seeing very positive result I would recommend this product .

I’m hooked!!

Still going strong with the best protein supplement out there!!


Great product, first thing I have when I roll out of bed, gets me going

LOL Jim. Exactly what I do instead of coffee. One packet of energized on my bed stand. Who needs a snooze when you have a packet of energized!
Amazing, one of a kind product:

In 2016 I had WLS surgery and needed a protein that I can tolerate but more importantly that I actually digested and received the benefits of. No one, not even my nutritionist or surgeon could recommend anything. With very limited ability to drink more than 1-2 oz at a time, protein drinks were taking away my need for solid foods by filling me too much, additionally I saw and felt no benefits. When I found FF I immediately felt better and could tell my body was using it not passing it through. I had struggled to lose after surgery, and found with FF i could eat appropriately and still maintain my 120g daily need for protein. I lost and since then have kept off over 100 lbs while my cohorts who refuse to try FF struggle. Almost 80% have gained back their weight and complain of lack of protein (hair loss, etc etc).

The Best

I have been using Frog Fuel for years and find it is the best. Great taste, easy to take with me and I haven't suffered from DOMS in a long time. I will usually use an Ultra before heading to the gym and then a regular after my workout although I have been known to use a regular 3/4 way through my workouts. I also used Frog Fuel when going through cancel surgery (Basil Cell) after my surgeries within a week new skin was appearing and with two weeks all the new skin had formed and completely covered the wounds.
I give Frog Fuel, Jeff and Alex 5 stars only because that is the highest should be a TEN!!

Helps With My Parkinsons

I am a 56 year old disabled veteran and have contended with Parkinson's Disease, Dystonia, for about 12 years. While I am physically Fit, exhaustion has become a challenge over the last year.

I experimented with some of Frog Fuels other products and was so impressed with those that when I injured a shoulder in August, I considered the benefits of using ProT Gold; the claim of it aiding in muscle repair and wounds in particular.

I can validate that claim! My shoulder began to heal quickly after starting ProT Gold and is doing well now. Also, my energy level remains high and consistant.

I have no complaints about any of Frog Fuels products. All of my gear bags have some stashed away in them, and I try to tell others about these products whenever I have the opportunity.

I typically have a serving of ProT Gold daily, and sometimes l may have a second serving of a different product.

Thanks OP2 and FF!


100% Awesome, perfectly packaged for people on the go !!

Nothing else like this

And incredible product, to simply say it is protein and caffeine is not enough of an explanation. I do not know exactly what they do to it but it is super charged. Love this stuff,!


Great product. Glad I tried it in Dallas at a spartan race in October