Frog Fuel Power Energized - Liquid Protein Shots
Frog Fuel Power Energized - Liquid Protein Shots

Frog Fuel Power Energized - Liquid Protein Shots

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1 box with 24 x 1-oz servings - 
  • FrogFuel Protein is qualified as a medical food by the FDA and provides 15 grams of rapidly absorbed medical-grade liquid collagen protein
  • 'Pre-digested' for nearly 100% protein bioavailability
  • Fortified w/Glutamine, Cysteine, Histidine, Methionine, Threonine, & Tryptophan
  • Enhanced with taurine
  • 80mg of caffeine for energy and increased metabolism
  • Delicious berry flavor
  • No mixing, just drink
  • 60 calories (All protein); sugar, fat, gluten and lactose-free
  • NO banned substances*, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors

*NCAA prohibits caffeine >15micrograms/ML. Although your physiology may vary, this is equivalent to approximately 6 servings of energized FrogFuel.

*The caffeine contained in FrogFuel comes from green coffee beans and does NOT contain the carcinogens typically found in roasted coffee beans.

What makes the protein Medical Grade?

FrogFuel protein is qualified as a medical food by the FDA. It is used extensively in the healthcare industry for wound care, bariatric surgery, pressure ulcers, dialysis patients, and patients suffering from malnutrition.


Why 15 grams? Other protein products offer more.

It's all about quality, not quantity. Our 15 grams is absorbed almost instantly. The protein that your body uptakes and doesn't use is converted into glucose and then fat. It also releases ammonia into your body and taxes your kidneys. The key to protein supplementation is taking only what you need and your body can use.


Why does this one have caffeine?

Caffeine in moderation has shown benefits in many sports including distance running, cycling, weightlifting, and soccer among others. Because our protein is rapidly absorbed, FrogFuel Ultra is especially effective before and during exercise. FrogFuel Ultra is designed to be functional and efficient; not make you completely unhinged. 


Customer Reviews

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Great, easy to use, easy to carry, easy to pack etc.

Good product, funky delivery

I got my two cases (great product) but one of the boxes had clearly been opened in transit and then rebagged in a makeshift plastic wrap (maybe by Amazon??) due to the mangled original packaging that's usually vaccuum sealed in plastic. Anyhow, I used them all and they seem fine, but always sketchy to get tampered packaging.

FrogFuel Power Energized

The best protein on the market hands down! FrogFuel Power Energized gets me through every hockey game without losing any momentum!

Love Frog Fuel. But one of my boxes was messed up when i received it

Love frog fuel... been taking it for years but on my last purchase one of my 2 boxes was severely damaged. A couple of the packets were exploded. It was unfortunate. But the product itself is amazing

Frog Fuel For the Family!

Frog Fuel is a great find for the family! My 2 high school boys use it as a pre workout supplement, I use it as a pre-workout, meal replacement and afternoon “pick me up”...great for losing weight, great for bulking up...the taste/substance is sweet, takes a few times to get used younger son prefers to mix it w/ 8 oz of water...but either way, it’s worth it!!!