The Story

Alexander Kunz and Jeff Byers met in 1997 while serving on active duty in San Diego at SEAL Team One. They quickly became friends and have since operated together worldwide.  After many years of operating under the most physically and mentally demanding conditions, the quickly realized the market did not have a product that met their needs.  Unsatisfied with what the market offered, they set out to create a world-class product.

As all SEALs know it's the strength of the team that makes the difference.  We relied heavily on some of the best minds in the business to make FrogFuel and ProT GOLD a reality.

Alex and Jeff partnered with some of the top chemists and dietitians in the world to create FrogFuel and ProT GOLD.

"Without the support of our family, our friends, and teammates, we would not have created this incredible product." Alexander Kunz and Jeff Byers

OP2 Labs is committed to providing innovative, functional, high quality, nutritional products to the healthcare industry and the private market at a reasonable cost. OP2 Labs products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

OP2 Labs is a disabled veteran owned and operated company.


  • Product Quality: Professional Grade. The same medical-grade protein used by health care professionals in various fields including wound and post-surgical care. It’s a complete protein with all amino acids that has been fortified and enhanced.
  • Bioavailability: Immediately Effective and Efficient. Proven 100% digestibility in less than 15 minutes.  Our proprietary protein is broken down with an enzyme using a unique process during production allowing it to be absorbed in its entirety by the user.
  • Convenient: Minimal Size, and Ease of Consumption. Super-concentrated allowing for 15 grams (all bioavailable) of protein in a 1oz serving. No mixing.
  • Suitable for Different Missions: Regular or Energized Protein. 80mg of caffeine (green coffee beans) provides energy to stay alert, focused, boost metabolism when needed but not so much to cause jitters.
  • Durable: Extreme Temperatures and Environments, Shelf Life. FrogFuel and ProT GOLD can be stored unrefrigerated in hot or cold temperatures unopened for 2 years. The packaging is durable and small enough to be carried with ease and without worry.
  • Unconventional: Technology Beyond Modern Science.   In addition to lean strong muscle mass, FrogFuel and ProT GOLD provides benefits beyond traditional protein supplements. FrogFuel provides benefits to the bones, skin, tendons, nails, hair, tendons, ligaments and is used extensively in the medical industry.

OP2 Labs - FrogFuel and ProT GOLD are truly innovative and top-shelf nutritional products. All of us at OP2 Labs sincerely hope that you find it improves your quality of life and provides you the optimal nutritional support you’re seeking to compliment your lifestyle.

The Team

Alexander Kunz - CEO / Founder

Alexander is an experienced executive who has worked for many Fortune 250 companies managing departments such as M&A, Business Strategy, Information Technology, Risk Management and Cyber Security. He has served on many corporate and industry boards (Tipping Point Technologies, CISO Governing Board). In 2005, he co-founded Nicholas K Clothing, a high-end retail fashion line. He was a former United States Navy SEAL.


Jeff Byers - COO / Founder

Jeff is an experienced executive who enlisted in the Navy and attended BUD/s training at age 19. He successfully completed training when he was only 20, and became a Navy SEAL stationed at SEAL Team One. His experience comes from managing teams in some of the most austere environments around the world. Jeff spent five years at SEAL Team One before leaving the military and co-founding OP2 Labs.


Randi Letendre - CFO

With more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience, Randi brings a wealth of expertise for improving financial health. She started her career at Ernst and Young in 1988 and gained experience in all the hallmarks of a great financial mind. She received her BA in Business Economics from University of California at Santa Barbara, and earned her CPA in 1991.


Eric Pollard - Senior Vice President of Sales

Prior to joining OP2 Labs, Eric worked in senior sales and marketing positions for SIRIUS Satellite Radio and Kenwood Electronics. Notable are his 10 years at SIRIUS, where he directed the retail launch nationwide and helped to secure majority market share at several big box retailers, including but not limited to Best Buy, Circuit City and Walmart.


Aaron Saari

Aaron Saari - CMO

Aaron Saari is a modern marketing aficionado who has helped over 20 startups and small businesses grow through a combination of automation, digital marketing, and strategic storytelling. He creates marketing systems that minimize human and financial expenses while maximizing exposure and sales volume. He’s also a West Point grad and was an Army officer with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in a former life.


The Athletes.

OP2 Labs is a company that emphasizes ethics in our daily activities.  As such, we do not believe in "PAYING" athletes to claim they take our products when they don't. 

Our athletes are individuals dedicated to using our products for training and competition; they work hard, train hard and play hard! 

A REAL product with REAL and PROVEN results that is used both clinically and commercially.  Our athletes are our family!


Michael McCastle
4 Guinness Book of World Records.  Owner and Founder of Twelve Labors Project and Former Navy Veteran.
Victor Morales Jr.
Professional Boxer and International Gold Medalist for Team USA.  A professional boxing record of 7-0.
Jose Fiore
US Army Veteran and 2017 Spartan Ultra World Champion.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith is a competitive Obstacle Course Race (OCR) athlete. He started his OCR journey in 2012 when he did the Alabama Warrior Dash with some good friends. He was hooked on OCR after that experience! His first Spartan Race was a month later at the Gulf Coast Sprint in Mississippi put on by the founder of Spartan Joe De Sena himself. Spartan Race quickly became his favorite OCR series because of the grit and perseverance it took to complete their events. Over the past 6 years, he has competed in over 70 OCR events around the country with several top 10 finishes and multiple top 3 finishes. He finished in the top 50 of the Spartan Race Elite Point Series Standings in 2013, 2014 and 2015 race seasons. The highlight of his career was a 3rd place overall finish at the 2015 Hawaii Spartan Sprint while on his honeymoon. Rich moved to Clute, Texas in 2015 and has enjoyed meeting new people with like-minded fitness goals. When he is not training for his next OCR race he enjoys coaching CrossFit and playing sports with friends. As a husband and father, Rich strives to live a healthy and active lifestyle and hopes his actions encourage and motivate others to stay consistent in achieving their goals.
Leo Nogueira
BJJ Multi X World Champion. Head Instructor at Alliance Headquarters.
Tracy Stankavage
Tracy Stankavage
Assistant strength and conditioning coach at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  2012 national champion in the lightweight division, NAS lightweight division record holder in the 18-inch deadlift (500 pounds). In 2015, Stankavage finished in the top five in the World Strongwoman Championships. 
Tyler Graff
2017 Pan American Champion (57kg), 2017 Granmay Cerro Pelado International Champion, 2017 Dave Schultz International Champion + Outstanding Wrestler, 2017-2016 U.S. National Team Member, 2016 Canada Cup International Champion (57kg), 2015 Brazil Cup International Champion (57kg), United States World Team Member, 3x University National Champion (60kg), 4x Division I NCAA All American and soon to be U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist!!!
Bryan Hailey
2018 AAU Jr. Olympic Games 3000M National Champion.  3K Cross Country National Champion.