30oz Bottle- ProT Gold Liquid Protein - Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein Shots
30oz Bottle- ProT Gold Liquid Protein - Nutritional Facts

ProT Gold Liquid Protein (30oz Bottle)

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Innovation in Advanced Medical Nutrition

30 ounce bottle with 30 x 1-oz servings

  • 17.5 grams total protein per 1 ounce serving.
  • Nano-hydrolyzed collagen protein for rapid absorption; In vitro study demonstrated 100% digestibility in under 15 minutes.†
  • Fortified with 3 x grams of Arginine per serving for accelerated wound healing. Clinically proven to heal wounds 2x faster.
  • ProT Gold is a COMPLETE Protein unlike most hydrolyzed collagen proteins on the market. It is fortified with Arginine, Taurine, Tryptophan, Histidine, Methionine, Glutamine, and Cysteine.
  • NO sugar, NO fat, NO carbs.
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free, lactose-free and soy-free.
Safe for diabetics, dialysis patients and persons with allergies.*

Customer Reviews

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Protein gold

Great taste! Shipped in a quick manner, good company to do buisness with. I will continue to buy this product.

Good Protein Shot

This is my 2nd bottle. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the taste. Luckily I only have to down an ounce. It is great to get the extra protein because I don't get enough on my own. I bought it to aid in healing after surgery. Great product because only need an ounce.

Outstanding product

As a feeding tube patient, it can be challenging to get enough protein. Other sources of supplemental protein require much greater volume of liquids, filling my stomach without providing the calories, fiber, and nutrients I need. Because protein gold is so concentrated with protein in a single ounce, it is wonderfully efficient as a valuable supplement, leaving plenty of room in my stomach for a full dose of my regular formula.

Better than prime

I never thought I would say this but.
Ordered the pro T gold direct.
And it beat Amazon by 5$.
Shipping was fast and easy

Great Pick Me Up

This product really helps recovery from injury or surgery. It also helps as a mid day pick me up.
Try it, you'll like it.

Life saving results.

My wife had water collecting in her tissues and abdomen because she was unable to eat and her albumen and protein levels had dropped in her blood work. The doctors kept insisting she drink some of the nutritional beverages to get the protein she needed to relieve the water build up in her system but she would have had to drink a 10 oz serving just to get 15g of protein. She could barely drink water without getting nauseous. I kept researching for a solution and came across Pro T Gold and discovered that each 1 oz serving contained 17,5g of protein along with many other essential and non-essential aminos and collagen. We were desperate for a solution and decided to order some and give it a try.
We were told by the doctor that the human body requires approximately .8g of protein per 1lb of body weight on average to keep the blood at healthy levels so we were able to calculate how much we needed to use to get her balance back. We started with 6 - 1oz shots of Pro T Gold spread out through out the day and with in a few days the bloating was gone in her sides and stomach and when she got her blood work done the following week, the counts were back to normal. The doctor was amazed with the results and asked for the information so he could recommend it in the future. Many thanks to the folks at Pro T Gold and I sure hope that more doctors in the future educate themselves on this product rather than recommend all the other beverages that just don't work in some cases.

Too soon for a true review

I've only been taking this off and on for a couple weeks, so I cannot comment on the effectiveness hence the 3 stars. The biggest downside of this product is the flavor because it is quite overpowering. If the berry flavor was lowered quite a bit the product would be a lot more enjoyable to use. I will try to provide an update after extended use. Overall I would say this isnt a bad product if you need a protein that is not derived from Milk or doesnt taste like chalk.

So far so good

Purchased to help promote healing of a crush wound on right leg appears to be helping only time will tell.

Great stuff

I loved the small bottle so much I bought the larger one. Keep it next to my bed with a shot glass and have a serving as my midnight snack!

Thanks Jesse. LOL on the nightly snacks. I have a few packets sitting on my nightstand!
From Jeff

I have been
taking for over 2 + years satisfied

Also introduced to more than 11 + friends and relatives .

No Negative Feedback , Some Positive Feedback . I Take 2 To 3 Oz.S Daily