Frog Fuel Power Protein - Liquid Protein Shots
Frog Fuel Power Protein - Liquid Protein Shots

Frog Fuel Power Protein - Liquid Protein Shots

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1 box with 24 x 1-oz servings

  • Frog Fuel Power Protein: Same formulation we sell as a medical food
  • 100% digestibility in under 15 minutes
  • Nano-Hydrolyzed Collagen base protein 15g in each 1 fluid ounce serving
  • Contains 22 Amino Acids  
  • Fortified Amino Acids: Glutamine, Cysteine, Histidine, Methionine, Threonine, Taurine & Tryptophan
  • Heals tissue at up to 2x its normal rate
  • Maintains Nitrogen balance helping preserve muscle mass better than whey
  • 60 calories (All protein); sugar, fat, gluten and lactose-free
  • NO banned substances, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors
  • Full Body Support: Collagen supports Joints/Skin/Bones

What makes the protein Medical Grade?

Frog Fuel's protein formulation is used as a medical food under our healthcare label.  It is used extensively in the healthcare industry for wound care, bariatric surgery, pressure ulcers, dialysis patients, chemotherapy and patients suffering from malnutrition.

Why is there Taurine in the regular protein? Isn’t it for energy?

No, it’s been marketed that way. Taurine is an intracellular sulphonic amino acid whose synthesis in humans is limited. Taurine is especially effective when combined with our protein as it acts to quickly open the cells allowing the protein to enter. Taurine reduces oxidative stress during extreme physical exertion reducing lactic acid and aiding in recovery.


Customer Reviews

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A great product, never disappointed, fast delivery. It speaks for itself.

Construction worker

Great product

Necessary - ½ the healing time

I'm a masters amateur strongman competitor. Being old and crazy, my muscles need done extra help from the damage I give them. Frog fuel is a necessity. I get muscle repair in a fraction of the time. Amazing stuff! I'm so grateful! This stuff keeps me training instead of sitting out with injury.


Perfect for my anabolic window on my truck ride home!

Protein for the fight!

This is my go to protein for workout and recovery! No need to take it one hour before. I just take an ulta energized 10 minutes before workout and then the power protein as soon as i'm done! And the results are I can push harder in my workouts and recover much quicker. Frog Fuel has helped me to reach my exercise and training goals I also take another power protein during the day to add more protein to my daily intake. It's helped me to stay in the fight!


I have been using your product daily and I am more than satisfied with the supplement from the nutrient content to the flavor . Though it has only been a couple weeks. I am grateful to be apart of your customer base. I am very proud to countue using the product line in pursuit of my goals.
Thank you for your work
Richard Thagon

Medical Grade Supplement

Frog Fuel is an amazing supplement for daily health that will help keep your joints feeling young. Eleven years ago, I suffered a work-related injury that left me with a labral tear as well as a large area of Grade IV chondromalacia with exposed bone in my left shoulder. Over time, the condition has worsened & I was told that I would need a total shoulder replacement. The constant pain & bone-on-bone condition left me considering my options. I heard about Frog Fuel & began researching the product line. After only several days of taking Frog Fuel, I began to notice less pain associated with range of motion in my left shoulder. I also noticed overall less pain & discomfort. As I continued over time to use Frog Fuel, I also noticed additional benefits of taking it. It seemed to have bolstered my immune system & kept my body looking & feeling great. I HIGHLY recommend Frog Fuel to anyone looking to keep their body feeling it’s best!

Great Product

Works wonders for recovery. I use it whenever I'm recovering from training or races, I can definitely tell a difference.

Older age digestability

I am 67 and after watching my 87 year old father in law, I have come to the conclusion that as you get older you tend to digest your food less efficiently. It is proven that lack of nutrition in older folks is a common and difficult problem. Your 100% digestive product is a very viable answer to this problem.

I take 1 15g protein pack twice a day and get the protein I believe my body needs without having the problem of digestibility as I age. The only suggestion I can offer is to increase the protein packets from 15g to 30g

Hi Louis. Thanks for the review. One thing I do want to point out is that many protein supplements on the market have low absorption and digestibility which results in poor bioavailability. Our products, unlike others, is PROVEN for 100% digestibility in less than 15 minutes. We participated in a study that included the top protein supplements in the industry. Most other protein supplements demonstrated less than 20% digestibility during that same period. Taking another protein that contains 30 grams of protein only yields 6 grams of bioavailable protein. Numerous studies define a need of 1 gram/kg of body weight. These studies were conducted many years ago and do not take into consideration advances in modern supplementation. Before I took FrogFuel, I would supplement with around 150-200 grams of protein per day. Today, I am 196 LBS with less than 6% body fat and only take 2-3 packets of FrogFuel on workout days and one on a rest day. I continue to maintain healthy weight and strength. Also, I did want to mention that if we developed a cheap protein, we could very quickly increase the grams per serving but because we are a very high-quality protein an increase of another 15 grams would double. Other companies that try to copy our products and market as a liquid protein with higher protein content will use collagen then add a cheap Whey protein to obtain higher protein count, i.e., a blend!

Awesome product!